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Car Customization Using Body Kits


Body kits are a type of auto part, many of which are attached outside the car body. Body kits are also called aero, aerodynamic parts, etc. Sometimes, the front spoiler, the side skirt, and the rear spoiler are collectively referred to as full aero.

Body kits can be used for reduction in aerodynamic drag and lift, improvement in driving and running stability, increase in the cooling effect of engine and brake, prevention of contamination of vehicle body, etc. Many body kits that are on the market for general passenger cars are often sold as simple car customization items that do not analyze aerodynamics. But aerodynamic parts used for racing cars are thoroughly subjected to wind tunnel experiments and development. The aerodynamic performance is important enough to greatly influence the outcome of the race.

Custom Body Kits

Best Body Kit Brand: Vaero Body Kits

BEST BODY KIT FOR PRECISE FITMENT The best body kit not only has to look good, but should also have precise fitment. Precise fitment allows for easy installation. For such precision and accuracy, Vaero bumpers, hoods, and wing spoilers are the way to go. Because Vaero body kits are made with Polypropylene Thermoplastics (PTP) rather than fiberglass or [...]

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